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Group Classes, Interval Training Top Worldwide Fitness Trends List in 2018, Sanibel Dance Pilates & Yoga Owner Gives Advice

The annual survey of worldwide fitness trends is now in its 12th year. We have tips from a local expert on group classes.

The Healing Power of Food: Healthy Eating Shapes Physical, Emotional Well-Being

Think of any culture in the world, and chances are it revolves, in many ways, around food. All humans gather at the table to celebrate, to mourn, to negotiate and to relax.

Back to the Roots: DIY backyard farming, California firm’s grassroots push

California-based Back to the Roots today sells herb, veggie and sunflower kits, all edible, easily grown in a back patio and part of the urban/sustainable farming movement.

Eating in the Raw - The possible health benefits of uncooked vegetables, fruits and grains

Raw-foods diet followers have no intention of turning up the heat any time soon. Chef and nutritionist Cristina Cohl dishes on her reasons why.

Lung Screenings Reduce Mortality - New insurance ruling covers test for lung cancer

Early studies have proven that patients who receive this scan once a year have a 20 percent increase in their survival rate compared with those who undergo traditional screening methods.

Respecting the Sun - Everything you need to know to protect your skin this summer

Have fun in the sun by protecting yourself from sun exposure and skin cancer with these tips from Dr. Cambio.

The Power Behind the Spa - An esthetician’s transitional journey to the entrepreneurs’ world

The soft lighting, relaxing music, fresh flowers and calming natural colors create a getaway atmosphere. The temptation to get pampered can be inevitable, and Georgie Pailes gives in every now and then and treats herself.

Mind Your Beeswax - Honey’s amazing healthful properties

About the only honey claim scientists have debunked is its ability to help allergies. Honey is a functional food that helps build the body in a natural way.

Building Better Health Care - The Shipley Center promises healthy horizons for heart and lung patients

The HealthPark cardiothoracic team is well known for their minimally invasive techniques. They are establishing an innovation hub focused on patient care optimization, research and learning opportunities for surgical teams.
  • The environmental center is open to the public Monday-Saturday, from 8am-4pm, unless there is a p...

  • There's nothing better than a day of discovery on the ocean. Come get your feet wet with us as we...

  • Mondays with Marie

    09:00AM — 02:00PM

    Local artist, Marie Dyer, teaches a variety of workshops including landscape and silk painting fo...

  • Mondays with Marie

    09:00AM — 02:00PM

    Local artist, Marie Dyer, teaches a variety of workshops including landscape and silk painting fo...

  • Complete original art while enjoying friends, music and favorite beverages. Materials provided, o...

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