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Stop Bugging Me! - Plants to repel insects, natural remedies supplementing chemical sprays

Natural tools for easing the bug are available. Bug-repelling plants can be easily added to a landscape and the best thing is that many of these plants are hardy.

Meet Myra Roberts - Outrage shapes social outlook, speaking to injustices, her Florida deco is fun

From her Sanibel home studio, Myra Roberts shows off her jolly jumble of paintbrushes and drawing pads. "Don't sweat the small stuff. Make your life full."

Our Darling ‘Ding’ - Cartoonist’s Contributions Highlighted in Documentary

Darling is Back: The Restoration of Lake Darling, a documentary film about the ongoing influence of Jay Norwood Darling, returns to the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel.

Having a Ball - Subtracting from the bucket list of sporting adventures in Southwest Florida

The explosion of niche activities like bubble soccer and pickleball may get you shimmying into an air suit to bounce off one another.

Florida Troupers - Sarasota dance company challenges world’s finest ballet productions

It’s on par, if not better, than what they’re doing in New York, San Francisco or Chicago. Sarasota Ballet challenges audiences with its wide-ranging repertoire and this season features several company premieres.

From Computer to Canvas - Plein air artist sets technology aside to capture the nature of the islands

Artist Allen Brockbank discusses the method which requires him to finish his paintings in one sitting.

Run for Your Life - Is running a craze or a lifestyle? You decide

Running helps your heart and lungs get stronger. It reduces your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and even cancer. And, yes, running can even make you happier.

The Passionate Potential of Seeing Eye-to-Eye - A kinship with dolphins

History is full of stories revealing the special relationship between our two species, and countless examples of cooperation occur daily. If a creature can recognize itself, it can recognize another self.

Get all the latest stories and events in and around Sanibel and Captiva Florida.

Get all the latest stories and events in and around Sanibel and Captiva Florida.

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