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Times of the Islands: July/August 2017 Issue

Jun 26, 2017 02:36PM ● By Kevin
Taking care of ourselves is what the July/August issue of Times of the Islands is all about. No matter what your age or lifestyle, your health is the most important thing that you have, and this issue will show you the best ways to make a healthier and happier you. Information about exercising, nutrition, mental health and just feeling good—that's what this issue has in store for you.

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The Healing Power of Food Healthy Eating Shapes Physical Emotional Well-Being - Jun 26 2017 0226PM

The Healing Power of Food: Healthy Eating Shapes Physical, Emotional Well-Being

Think of any culture in the world, and chances are it revolves, in many ways, around food. All humans gather at the table to celebrate, to mourn, to negotiate and to relax. Read More » 


New Moon Meditation participants will this year eclipse donations to SCCFs sea turtle programs Photo by Dawn Biery

Thought Provoking: Ambu Yoga meditations, Yali Zawady’s larger purpose, donations to SCCF

For Yali Zawady, the new moon is a platform to bring awareness to natural resources and sea turtle conservation, causes she deems vital. Read More » 


Photo by Capt Brian Holaway

Head in the Clouds: Amazing summers, things above and below our feet

Afternoon summer clouds are stunning, dangerous, ever-changing and beautiful, a photographer’s dream and a boater’s nightmare, forming as heat rises over the Everglades. Read More » 


Ready Or Not Hurricane season is here getting a plan in place - Jun 26 2017 0149PM

Ready Or Not: Hurricane season is here, getting a plan in place

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website notes that 78 percent of tropical storm activity comes from mid-August to mid-October. Read More » 


A red-cockaded woodpecker foraging on arthropod larvae Photo by William R Cox

Red-cockaded Woodpecker: Once abundant, this woodpecker is now endangered in Florida

Of the 22 species of woodpeckers in North America and 217 worldwide, Florida is home to 11 species, including the dwindling population of the red-cockaded woodpecker. Read More » 


Back to the Roots DIY backyard farming California firms grassroots push - Jun 26 2017 0208PM

Back to the Roots: DIY backyard farming, California firm’s grassroots push

California-based Back to the Roots today sells herb, veggie and sunflower kits, all edible, easily grown in a back patio and part of the urban/sustainable farming movement. Read More »