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Times of the Islands Magazine

Times of the Islands: September/October 2017 Issue

Aug 28, 2017 12:51PM ● By Kevin
This month, we celebrate man's unlimited capacity for creative expression. They say that art is in the eye of the beholder, and we aim to give you "an eyeful" of it - painting, architecture, dance, music and more. Plus, we explore design trends as well as fashion. If creativity is your thing, this issue will both satisfy and inspire.

Read some of our top stories below.

Enjoy reading our previous digital issue.

Sanibels Nonprofit Gift Shops Benefit Islands Natural Resources - Aug 28 2017 1152AM

Sanibel’s Nonprofit Gift Shops Benefit Island’s Natural Resources

The most meaningful shopping experiences can be had at the array of gift shops that support Sanibel’s nonprofit organizations, with proceeds supporting many important causes. Read More » 


A reddish egret foraging for prey in shallow waters Photo by William R Cox

Reddish Egret: the Rarest and Most Habitat-restricted Heron in Florida

The reddish egret is a colorful and entertaining heron. Rarely found inland, it is associated with estuaries, mangrove swamps, tidal flats and coastal lagoons. Read More » 


The Truth of a Junonia Beautiful and Necessary for Survival - Aug 28 2017 1210PM

The Truth of a Junonia: Beautiful and Necessary for Survival

This excerpt from a memoir explores the beauty of seashells - the junonia in particular. Read More » 


Cayo Costa is a 2426-acre state park with an amphitheater  cabins camppicnic grounds a ranger station hikingnature trails and other conveniences The island in the 19th century was used for trade stops and was a fishing village Still only accessible by boat modern Cayo Costa remains largely unspoiled Photo by Capt Brian Holaway

Fall Into the Subtropics: This Place Makes Your Senses Come Alive

Cayo Costa Island is a Florida state park accessible by charter or private boat, ferry or helicopter. Read More » 


Diane Knight of Sanibel Home Furnishings says listening is her best tool in working with clients Fabrics with sparkles and crystal are out right now she adds Photo courtesy of Sanibel Home Furnishings

SWFL Interior Designers: 4 Decorators Who Perfect Your Space

TM Media has selected a sliver of a very large pie of interior designers to share with our readers. Read More » 


Art Gallery Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at FSW State College

Florida’s Creative Class: Their Work Helps Drive the Economy, Thousands of Jobs at Stake

In Lee County alone, the creative class produces $140 million in annual activity—supporting thousands of jobs and generating some $18.8 million in government revenues. Read More »