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Do It in Your Sleep! Learn about eucalyptus bedding from company founder Elle Liu

Oct 27, 2020 10:07PM ● By FRANCESCA BLOCK

I tend to live by the old Irish proverb that says, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” Elle Liu, founder and CEO of sustainable bedding company Eucalypso, subscribes to a similar philosophy—especially when the products she sleeps on are good for the environment. 

That’s one of the reasons why Liu, who is based in greater New York City, started Eucalypso. The company’s sheets are made out of 100-percent-natural eucalyptus fibers. Liu recently spoke with TOTI Media, to tell her story and discuss the benefits of eucalyptus bedding for sleep-lovers such as me.

TOTI Media: Tell us about Eucalypso’s mission statement?

Elle Liu: At Eucalypso, we make bedding that is “good for you, and better for the planet.” This mission extends to every aspect of what we do. We maintain our own sustainably grown forest and produce only in small batches, so as not to overharvest and cause environmental degradation. We also use a closed-loop production process—meaning we reuse and recycle 99 percent of water, solvent and source material. All of our dyes and solvents are nontoxic and organic. We are also socially responsible. We ensure our workers are treated well and paid fairly. We partner with our manufacturing plant in Pakistan to provide higher education and health care to local women and children. We prioritize transparency and providing high-quality products while also giving back to people and our planet. 

TOTI Media: What inspired you to start Eucalypso? 

Liu: It all started because I love sleep but I experienced hot flashes at night and would wake up drenched in sweat with mysterious breakouts. My dermatologist recommended I stay away from cotton bedding because it traps heat, causes sweat and promotes bacteria growth which leads to breakouts. After doing my own research, I not only confirmed this but discovered cotton is also considered one of the dirtiest and thirstiest plants and is really damaging to the environment. I wondered, “Why are we still using cotton bedding?” I began traveling the world and talking to textile experts in search of an alternative. I wanted a light, breathable and soft fabric that was also sustainable. I eventually discovered a mill in Austria that sustainably produces fabric from eucalyptus fibers. It was the answer to everything I was looking for—and I founded Eucalypso!

TOTI Media: How do you make sheets out of eucalyptus?

Liu: TENCEL™ lyocell is the fabric used in Eucalypso sheets, which comes directly from the pulp of the eucalyptus wood. The fibers from these woods are woven together, making the ultra-breathable, soft and sustainable fabric of our sheets. 

TOTI Media: What do consumers love most about Eucalypso? 

Liu: Consumers love the way Eucalypso feels and the impact it has on their skin. I often describe Eucalypso as a cross between silk and cotton, because you get the fine, silky, really soft feel without it being super fragile, combined with the crisp cotton texture. Our customers also see fewer breakouts and love how our fabrics are cool to the touch, especially if they are hot sleepers or live in warmer climates. When you fall into bed with Eucalypso sheets, you immediately experience a cool rush and it feels amazing.

TOTI Media: Are eucalyptus sheets really better for your skin? 

Liu: While sleeping, everyone’s bodies emit heat. If you have a cover above you like cotton that traps heat, it causes sweating, promotes bacteria growth and ultimately harms your skin. In contrast, Eucalypso fabric is moisture-wicking, breathable, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. All of these properties work together to prevent night sweats and nasty bacteria that cause breakouts and allergies. 

TOTI Media: What are ways you incorporate sustainability into your daily life? 

Liu: I try to live minimally and be thoughtful about my purchasing decisions. For anything I purchase, whether it is clothing or home décor, I make sure I understand its origins and that it does not rely on inhumane or child labor. Now that I make bedding, I am also really thoughtful about the fabric that goes into my clothing and how it is manufactured—to make sure it is eco-friendly. 

TOTI Media: Do you foresee Eucalypso expanding beyond bedding? 

Liu: My goal is for Eucalypso to grow into a big player in the home bedding and sustainability space. I can potentially see us expanding into clothing, such as pajamas, and other home products. But I do not want to expand the product line just because there are opportunities to sell things. I want everything we offer to be really thoughtful and high-quality. For me, that is really important. 

For further information about Eucalypso, visit its website at

Francesca Block is a resident of Sanibel Island and a current student at Princeton University, studying journalism, public affairs, international relations and Chinese. 

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