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Cheers To 2021! Let Us Focus on the Now - January/February 2021 Publisher's Letter

Jan 24, 2021 12:33PM ● By Daniela J. Jaeger

In one of my previous publisher’s letters, I quoted words from Buddha, and I find that these simple words are again very appropriate as we enter 2021: “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” 

After a year that probably everyone in the whole world wants to forget, I think we need to ask ourselves what is important and what is not. With today’s fast pace of life and all the technology, gadgets and communication outlets that come along with it, we often fail to enjoy the simplest of pleasures and do not see the positive things in our everyday existence. Things such as being surrounded by a loving partner, family or friends on whom you can depend, and of course living in Southwest Florida. Just think about how our local population numbers increase so magnificently every year for proof of that last point. 

But even with all the new digital and high-tech products that come and go, most people I’ve spoken to are, surprisingly, in the process of stepping back from online attractions and offers—and looking for ways to go “back to the roots,” so to speak. To our amazement, we have learned at TOTI Media that 60 percent of our readers prefer print, 23 percent like a combination of print and digital, and only 17 percent prefer purely digital offerings.

In light of those insightful statistics, I want to assure our readers that we will work diligently to provide publications filled with exceptional editorial content and inspiring images so you can discover and enjoy Southwest Florida wherever you are in 2021. With TOTI Media’s 25 years of experience and our longevity in the publishing world, we proudly can say that print still exists—and always will remain an important part of the overall media mix.

Quality is the key, just as in every other business. Only quality and consistency make a coffee-table magazine worth picking up and reading from cover to cover, and it won’t distract you with any kind of buzz or blink, contrary to a phone or tablet.

Have you ever tried to turn off notifications on your gadgets? I did for most of my apps, and it feels great to cut down on the buzzes and blinks and that “need” to always grab your phone for fear of missing something. No interruptions. You should try it!

Sometimes we need to focus on the present and clear our mind to gain confidence about what we should do as our next step. Life doesn’t always require these so-called necessary techno-toys. Just watch the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma for a sense of how things are getting out of hand.

The magazine business, like life itself, changes with almost every passing moment. As part of our “local, mobile and global” strategy and commitment to offering “bold, beautiful, provocative and fun editorial content,” we aim to keep you informed about Southwest Florida.

I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to you, our readers and advertisers, and to the entire TOTI Media team for having shown us support in 2020 and your commitment to continuing to guide our direction in 2021. May we all see the beauty of what is real in our lives and allow those moments to shape our destiny.

Daniela J. Jaeger
Group Publisher, TOTI Media