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Sanibel Community House - A Gathering Place for All In Sanibel

Nov 30, 2021 09:44AM ● By Jessica Wagner
The Community House Sanibel Community Association is the place where locals gather to socialize, educate, create, and more. It has been on the island for 95 years and is called the “heart of the island” by many.
With a variety of different events and classes, Sanibel Community House offers something for everyone.
We were able to catch up with Sarah Jacobson, Director of Marketing and Events, to chat about Sanibel Community House, what it has to offer, and what it means to the community.
“It is a place where people go to see their friends and meet new people and try new things,” Sarah explains. “Over 95 years, it hasn’t changed what its true core values are and that’s something I love about Sanibel Community House.”
Even throughout the pandemic, Sanibel Community House was able to continue its mission, both through Zoom classes and in-person meetings, with many people commenting on how safe they felt with the cleaning protocols.

Being a nonprofit organization, Sanibel Community House holds fundraisers throughout the year to help support its efforts to bring the community together. It is very important that they are able to keep the costs down so that they continue to be the place where every group on the island can come and enjoy.
Sarah’s favorite aspect of the Community House? “How much I love every single person that comes through that front door and comes into the office. Plus, how important it is to have this space where friends can see each other and come to our community socials and get a hug that they might not get if they stayed at home. Just seeing the people and how warm and friendly they are, too. It embodies what Sanibel is. There is a reason we all moved here and how lucky we are to be here and to see that on a person’s actual face is so important to me.”
Those new to the island may wonder exactly what Sanibel Community House has to offer. Sarah explains, “You can volunteer here, you can learn how to play bridge, you can exercise, take cooking classes. There’s really something for everybody - all ages. Kids cooking, kids art classes, kids camp, mini-golf, and more. If you don’t know how to play bridge, three people will take the time to teach you how to play because they are so excited that you want to learn and be a part of their group. It doesn’t matter your skillset, level, what you’re interested in, there’s definitely something for everybody here.”
The Community Social is an event where everyone is welcome. “It’s a meal that our resident chef prepares. People can still take the meal to go if they want to or they can come to eat inside. We did this all during the pandemic and we will continue to do them once per month. The theme always changes and it's a delicious buffet,” describes Sarah.
With Sanibel Community House celebrating 95 years, there is an upcoming gala to also be aware of. Its 95th Anniversary Gala event will be held on January 18th, 2022, and is a big fundraiser for the nonprofit.
For more information on the events that are being offered, check out Sanibel Community House’s calendar.