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MacIntosh Books and Paper - An Island Institution of More Than Just Books

Feb 02, 2022 01:44PM ● By Jessica Wagner

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Binkowski

MacIntosh Books and Paper, located on Periwinkle Way in Sanibel, opened its doors in 1960. William MacIntosh decided the island needed a bookstore when he and his wife retired to Sanibel. Since then, MacIntosh Books and Paper has grown to sell more than just books and is considered an island institution by those that have been here since it began.
MacIntosh Books and Paper has known five owners, the current one being Rebecca Binkowski. We were able to catch up with Rebecca to chat about all things MacIntosh, including what it has to offer, some memorable moments, and more.

As MacIntosh is one of the longest continually running businesses on the island, it has been here through it all. Rebecca explains, "Bookselling is a fragile business, a business based on relationships, and it has to be nurtured. It depends on community support and in turn, the store supports the community through various collaborations and give-back opportunities. We collaborate with many island organizations to provide support. It’s a safe nurturing environment where anyone can come in and feel welcome, chat with staff and other customers, and pet the store’s in-house feline, Brady. It’s a community gathering place."

When asked what her favorite part of her business is, she states, "My favorite thing about owning an Indie Bookshop is the people it attracts. The personal interactions are what make it special. Storytelling is part of the human experience and sharing our favorite stories is a meaningful connector, especially in uncertain times. The right book, at the right time, can be a life-changer. I’m very proud of what we do here."

Although MacIntosh has called several locations on the island home, it isn't going anywhere. "We’ve been lucky to be in many different locations on the island. The Village Shops offer such a lovely mix of beautiful and unique shops, most of them woman-owned. We think we’ve found the right location to offer the services the community needs at this point in time. Just because we move, doesn’t mean we’re leaving. For example, in our current location, we have a great patio space for author events and book clubs. This offered a great opportunity in late 2021 to get live events happening again."

Be on the lookout for more live events happening in 2022, as well. Plus, MacIntosh is adding new events weekly to their website. They also offer a monthly book club, in addition to a variety of events, such as charcuterie classes, painting classes, jewelry classes, and morning meditation sessions.

For more information and to check out all MacIntosh Books and Paper has to offer, visit their website today.