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Happiness Comes in Waves - A Book Signing Event with Founder of Dune Jewelry at Suncatchers’ Dream on Sanibel

Mar 27, 2022 04:12PM ● By Jessica Wagner

Photo Courtesy of Holly Daniels Christensen

Holly Daniels Christensen, author of Happiness Comes in Waves and founder/CEO of Dune Jewelry, is coming to Suncatchers' Dream on Sanibel on Saturday, May 28 for a book signing and trunk show event from 9 am to 1 pm.

Dune Jewelry is an experiential jewelry company based out of Boston that takes any sand or earth elements and incorporates them into pieces to capture someone's favorite moments. Whether your favorite place is a beach or the mountains, Dune Jewelry specializes in using sand, pebbles, flower petals, or even ashes to commemorate favorite places and memories of its customers.

Holly Daniels Christensen began making sand jewelry at her kitchen table in 2007. After three years, she decided to begin crafting different jewelry pieces from her collection of sand from the local beaches on Cape Cod where she grew up.

She would gift these pieces to her friends and family, not knowing how big her creations would soon become. Once she saw people wearing her jewelry on a daily basis, she realized she could craft these pieces for more people and touch more lives.

The beach is a place of peace for Holly. She loves how the ocean makes you feel a sense of calm, knowing that something is so much bigger than you. The jewelry-making allows her creativity to combine with her passion and love of the ocean.

Dune Jewelry doesn't just utilize sand from Cape Cod beaches but incorporates earth elements from all over the world. Customers can send about a teaspoon of sand, pebbles, or other elements to Dune Jewelry with a request for a specific type of jewelry. Holly loves to go with the flow of the customers and loves to be challenged to make a new creation based on what they are wanting.

With a lifetime warranty offered on all of her creations, Holly's dedication and care for each piece are evident.

Happiness Comes in Waves is Holly's latest creation - in a different form. When the idea for the book was pitched to her as a celebration of water, the ocean, and women, Holly knew it was perfect.

In the book, Holly incorporates the special women in her life with quotes and sand stories. These women are not only friends and family, but team members of Dune Jewelry, as well.

On Saturday, May 28, Holly will be at Suncatchers' Dream on Sanibel from 9 am to 1 pm for a book signing event and trunk show. Along with her book, there will be special jewelry pieces crafted with Sanibel and Captiva sand for sale, as well as a free gift with the purchase of her book.

For more information on Dune Jewelry or to submit your own earth element for a special creation, check out its website or follow Dune Jewelry's socials below.

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