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Captiva Library and Civic Center

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The Captiva Civic Association's mission is the preservation of the quality of life, ambiance, and environmental integrity of this unique barrier island community. The CCA is a not-for-profit, community based 500+/- membership organization operating exclusively for the betterment of the Captiva area. Our mission and objectives include: - Inform and educate CCA members and the Captiva community by gathering and disseminating information on a timely basis critical to furthering and fulfilling the CCA mission. This includes information relevant to issues of development density, island environmental integrity and our community's quality of life. - Provide a community forum where ideas, concerns, and needs may be discussed while respecting differences of opinion. - Promote community pride and social fellowship among members and encourage their participation in our programs and activities.

The CCA founded, and is home to, the Captiva Memorial Library. The library began in 1936 as a lending library and evolved into a branch of the Lee County Library System in1978. Our organization leases space in our community center building to the library system at below-market rates.

Additionally, the Civic Center houses the Captiva Island Historical Society's History Gallery, which illustrates Captiva’s unique, diverse history. Cleverly conceived and created, the space takes on the wooden look of the interior of the old mailboat, ‘Santiva’, which serviced the islands prior to the construction of the Sanibel Causeway in 1963.

The boat windows feature interpretive panels and touch screen access to historic photos sure to pique one’s historical interest. Meet the Calusa Indians, the fishermen, the homesteaders and their families, who were the hardy residents of the islands. Become acquainted with the artists and authors who traveled to spend idyllic vacations on the island.