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Captiva Beach

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14790 Captiva Drive
Captiva Island, FL 33924

The white sand beaches on Captiva Island are great for shelling, collecting sand dollars and enjoying the beautiful scenery. According to "Shelling is so much fun and Captiva Island has such a variety of shells to find, just to collect and admire or use in a craft, on a mirror, lamps, boxes etc. Captiva is one of the islands that is literarily made up of shells, created over thousands of years, and is one of the islands that is considered best in the world for shelling. The islands geography of lying east and west rather than north and south, as most islands, allows Captiva and its sister islands to catch abundant sea shells from the Gulf of Mexico.

Located at the end of Captiva Drive. There are no restrooms. Captiva Beach does not allow open fires or collecting of live shells. There is a fee of $4 per hour for parking at both Sanibel Island and Captiva Island public beaches. Both cash and credit cards are accepted. Paid parking tickets are not interchangeable between Sanibel Island and Captiva Island.