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Breath of Freedom - Breath Empowerment

The month of July is the month to celebrate freedom, we can choose to be free as freedom is a mindset.

We can also choose to breathe which sounds strange, but most people hold their breath and create tension in their mind, bodies and their lives.

We will take a journey using the Breath Empowerment technique into areas in our minds and bodies that will set us free from unwanted energies that are holding us hostage. We have learned how to survive and living in fight or flight mode has become most peoples normal, our breathing becomes dysfunctional—it’s too shallow, or it’s too hard, or too tense.

Proper breathing is very smooth, continuous, gentle and effortless which brings the mind and heart into coherence. When we are in coherence we create the freedom we desire by choice and not settle for or survive a life we are given. Call Candace Tranter 239-745-2860 to RSVP

Date & Time

July 31, 2022

11:30AM - 12:30PM


Sol of Life Salt Cave & Tibetan Tea House - 2400 First St., #100, Fort Myers, FL, 33901 2400 First St., #100 Fort Myers 33901 FL US

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