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Fall Into the Subtropics: This Place Makes Your Senses Come Alive

Aug 28, 2017 ● By Kevin

Cayo Costa Island is a Florida state park accessible by charter or private boat, ferry or helicopter.

Reddish Egret: the Rarest and Most Habitat-restricted Heron in Florida

Aug 28, 2017 ● By Kevin

The reddish egret is a colorful and entertaining heron. Rarely found inland, it is associated with estuaries, mangrove swamps, tidal flats and coastal lagoons.

Head in the Clouds: Amazing Summers, Things Above & Below Our Feet

Jun 26, 2017 ● By Kevin

Afternoon summer clouds are stunning, dangerous, ever-changing and beautiful, a photographer’s dream and a boater’s nightmare, forming as heat rises over the Everglades.

Captiva Island Reporting Close to 100 Sea Turtle Nests This Season

Jun 16, 2017 ● By Kevin

It's sea turtle nesting season. Here are some facts you may not know about the local inhabitants.

Stop Bugging Me! - Plants to repel insects, natural remedies supplementing chemical sprays

May 19, 2017 ● By Kevin

Natural tools for easing the bug are available. Bug-repelling plants can be easily added to a landscape and the best thing is that many of these plants are hardy.

Belted Kingfisher - Common August through February on Sanibel

May 19, 2017 ● By Kevin

The belted kingfisher is the most widespread kingfisher in North America. Easily recognized by its repeated feeding dives, large head crest and rattling call.

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