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The Everly Brothers Experience featuring The Zmed Brothers

The Everly Brothers Experience featuring The Zmed Brothers (with their backing band - The Bird Dogs) In January of 2016, brothers Zachary and Dylan Zmed (acoustic guitars/vocals) and their partner (drummer in the group) Burleigh Drummond began developing The Everly Brothers Experience show. Since then they have celebrated the pivotal sounds of The Everly Brothers music with enthusiastic crowds all across the US and over seas in iconic clubs, theaters, performing arts centers, casinos, ballrooms, and coliseums. The Zmeds say, “Our aim is to honor the aesthetics of their iconic sound and honor their unique place in music history all while telling our own personal story,” and they do just that. Growing up with a father, (Adrian Zmed) as a traveling singer/dancer/actor, and a mother (Barbara) as a second grade teacher in Southern California, the Zmed Brothers continually strive to pay homage to their roots by always infusing an instinctual blend of entertainment and education in their show. The 5 piece band consists of drums (Burleigh Drummond), electric guitar (Devon Geyer), bass (Eric Johnson), and the two singing brothers ( Zach and Dylan Zmed) up front with acoustic guitars. If you have a assigned seat and table you may purchase dinner from our theatre menu. Doors Open for Dinner at 5 pm.

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November 16, 2017


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